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 Expediting Tag Renewal
  • Autauga County Residents - provide one of the following items:
    • Renewal notice,
    • Previous year’s tag registration
    • Tag number
  • New Autauga County Residents - provide proof of residency for Autauga County and one of the following items:
    • Renewal notice from the previous Alabama Count
    • Title of the vehicle for which registration is needed
  • To register a new or used vehicle purchased from a licensed dealer in the State of Alabama, the following is required:
    • Title application and itemized bill of sale showing sales tax break down
  • To Register a vehicle purchased from a licensed dealer from another State, the applicant must present the following:
    • The car manufacturer’s certificate origin (if the vehicle is new).
    • The original title (if the vehicle is used).
    • Itemized bill of sale, name(s) of the individual(s) to whom the vehicle is being registered, and the vehicle itself for inspection
  • Vehicles with a lien require the following:
    • Copy of original title, lien holders complete names and mailing addresses, and the loan account number and loan date.
  • To register vehicle prior to and through 1974, the following items are required:
    • A bill of sale, including date of sale, price, vehicle identification number and the previous owner’s signature.  Current registration from the previous owner is helpful, though not required.
  • To register a vehicle with a gross weight of 55,000 lbs., or more:
    • A completed Schedule 2290 form (obtainable from the Internal Revenue Service) must be presented at the Probate Department.
  • There are many special tags that may be purchased through the Probate Office.  These tags can be viewed on the state website at http://www.revenue.alabama.gov/.  For precise fees and requirements, contact the Probate Office at 334-361-3725.