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 Commission Office

County Commission

 Sid Thompson
 John L.Thrailkill
 Marshall Reese
 Van Smith
 Carl Johnson

Commission Office Staff

Treasurer/AdministratorSteve Golsan
Assistant Treasurer/AdministratorAudra Smith
Accounts Payable Clerk

Tracy Davis

Accounts Payable ClerkRegina Mims

Charlotte Eason

Payroll AdministratorNaticia Hall

Sid Thompson                         (334)365-0917                 Billyandsid@knology.net                    DISTRICT 1

John L. Thrailkill                      (334)391-4089                 Thrailkillbuilders@knology.net               DISTRICT 2

Marshall Reese                       (334)235-0206                 Marshall.Reese@waterservicesgroup.net       DISTRICT 4

Van Smith                               (205)294-4828                 Van.Smith@autauga.com                     DISTRICT 3

Carl Johnson                          (334)365-3047                  vljohnson@peoplepc.com                        DISTRICT 5




 Contact Information

Commission Office

Telephone: 334-358-6700

Fax: 334-361-3724


April Fair Housing Month
(4/20/2016)  Proclamation for Fair Housing Month

ELECTION - Movement of Voting Sites
(4/20/2016)  Doster Community Center and Heritage Baptist Church